When you begin your search for your next Mazda model, you will have plenty of buying options to select from once you make your choice. Deciding to lease or buy a car is one of the most significant decisions to make because each method offers a variety of advantages. When making a comparison to lease or buy a car, we learn that your lifestyle is an essential factor in what may be a better choice. The finance professionals at Chapman Mazda made this pros and cons lease or buy a car list to help you to see what advantages mirror your budget and daily commute.

Pros of Leasing

  • Monthly costs are less than financing.

  • You can pick a new vehicle every year.

  • Experience the latest technological updates.

  • You can decide on a shorter commitment under lease terms.

Cons of Leasing

  • Mileage limits can increase cost in a lease.

  • Though a lease payment may be lower, you will have a monthly lease payment.

  • A leased vehicle must be returned in its original condition.

  • Ending a lease early could lead to termination fees or penalties.

Pros of Buying

  • Once the vehicle is paid off, you will not have any more monthly payments.

  • You can drive your vehicle anywhere because you own it.

  • Enjoy the ability to customize your vehicle after purchase.

  • You can put the value of your current model to a future purchase when you trade the vehicle in.

Cons of Buying

  • It is more expensive to buy initially.

  • A larger down payment may be required.

  • Financing incurs interests for the length of the loan.

  • Repairs come out of your pocket after the warranty coverage expires.

The decision to lease or buy a car sometimes comes down to looking at your driving habits and mirroring them to fit your desired choice. One of the first activities you should look into when picking whether to lease or buy a car is how far do you drive on your daily commutes. If you have a short commute that puts limited miles on your Mazda model, a lease may work better for you, where longer trips would make buying the best choice. There is a lot of information about which is better to lease or buy a car, but our staff at Chapman Mazda is happy to help you learn more about the entire process. Come in for a visit, and we can help you choose whether to lease or buy a car today.


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